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Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Dave Herwig, a Gold Seal CFI/II, MEI, AGI, ATP rated pilot. I am located in Fayetteville, NC area and am retired from the US Army. I spent 24 years serving my country and for the majority of those years I jumped from airplanes. I spent many years with the world famous 82nd Airborne Division and ending my career as a parachute demonstrator on the US Army Parachute Team, Golden Knights.  Though I still jump from planes, most days you will find me flying the planes. I earned my Private pilot certificate while on active duty not knowing or even wanting to, become a flight instructor.  I earned the remaining of my certificates and ratings after retiring by utilizing my VA Benefits.

Now with over 3300hrs of flight instruction given in the past 4 years.......


How I Can Help You

Have your own plane?  Or want dedicated time at our flight school?

Do you have your own plane and want a dedicated instructor to earn a new Instrument rating, Commercial certificate or even a Certificated Flight Instructor certificate?  I am willing to come to your location and spend the time necessary to meet the requirements and prepare you for the check ride. ​

No plane? No problem. Come to the flight school I train students at every day. I will dedicate and block off aircraft to meet your needs. If you are looking to earn your Private Pilot certificate, this is a great way to complete the training in as little as 15 days. No distractions, just training and even take the check ride at our location with a DPE in our area. 

Leave me a message and let's come up with a plan! 

Need Eyewear for those flights? Click the links below and receive 10% off your purchase. I fly with my Flying Eyes everyday, and hands down these are the most comfortable sunglasses I have ever worn. 


Discover Flying Eyes

All Flying Eyes eyewear is non-polarized by default (though there are options for polarized lenses) to aid in the visibility of instrument panels and other aircraft/vehicles without sacrificing 100% UV protection.

Prescription Lenses

Our frames are all prescription compatible! Any optician who uses a lens lab that can make curved lenses can insert your prescription lenses into our frames.

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